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There are quite a few Karate clubs in the Braintree District. A few of these clubs are, no doubt run on a business basis, this practice in itself is not wrong just different and a means to an end financially for that club.If you can run a successful Martial arts club by recruiting like minded individuals who in the long term become friends as well as students then you are part of a winning formula Imi- jishin Ryu are one such club. The quality of instruction is second to none and the classes are well structured so that the experienced learn as well as the novice. I have known Ashley Aldworth for a couple of years, in that time he has proved himself a reliable and extremely capable Instructor and he shares our Aikido dojo which he treats as if it was his own, with respect. Himself and his students helped out in our recent re fit. So if you want a reliable honest and experienced Karate teacher look no further.

Clive MacDonald

5th Dan senior Instructor

Braintree Aiki Budo Kai.

Bushido Za Zen International Area Manager.

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