IJR Karate​

Train Together, Learn Together, Succeed Together.

Signing up

        You are under no pressure to sign up before you try out a class, you very first class is free and if you are happy you can then ask the instructor for a sign up form to fill out and return. The sign up fee is £15 and then an annual renewal fee of £10, this will provide you with membership to the club, and pays your licence for the year, plus you also get a licence and grading record book! Which will keep track of all your gradings and prove that your licence is up to date.


Prices are simple, no contracts, just a pay as you go system. 

        Junior class fees (up to 15 years old) £4

        Standard class fees (16+) £5


        Gradings will take place throughout the year, and your instructor is the one that will constantly be assessing you, and when they believe that you are class to being ready they will let you know and give you a grading slip letting you know when and where the grading will take place (most likely the dojo where you train) to start off with you maybe looking at 2 gradings on average a year depending on how much you train and how well you progress, as you go up there grades the time between grades normally increases. Price of the grading includes cost of the class and a new belt.

        Kyu Gradings - £15

        Dan Gradings - £50


        Throughout your martial art journey you will need some equipment, you can purchase these elsewhere, or directly through us at a competitive rate. (See the Equipment page on this website for further details, or ask your instructor.