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Our Team


Sensei Ashley Aldworth

Yondan (4th Dan)

Sensei Ashley started karate when he was 5 years old in 1996 under a korean based freestyle karate. And since then has been training in several different styles of martial arts, but considers his more prominent style to be shotokan karate which is what he got his first black belt in. But currently holds the rank of Sandan (third dan black belt) in Imi Jishin Ryou Karate do.

He takes pride in watching his students achieve their goals and always looks to expand his martial knowledge and experience other martial arts.

Sensei Richy Hall

Nidan (2nd Dan)

The most senior student in Imi Jishin Ryou and Assistant to Ashley Aldworth, Richy having training in Karate before, came to IJR karate near the start of 2012, showing great dedication and potential trains whenever he can often having one on one sessions with Ashley Aldworth, and became his assistant when the first class started up in braintree. Also having success at a couple of tournaments our club has entered, winning his kata division in his first ever tournament then coming away with a medal in kumite from his second. He continues to train hard in our club and also in aikido displaying true martial spirit to push himself to achieve his goals. He was awarded his Shodan (1st Dan black belt) September of 2016 and then awarded his Nidan (2nd Dan black belt) July 24th 2022. As of 25th of July 2019 Richy is officially a fully qualified instructor at IJR Karate.