IJR Karate​

Train Together, Learn Together, Succeed Together.

     I train in karate to give my mind focus, to develop my character and to excel in something that I love doing. Karate is a lifetime journey into one’s self, some people just see it as a bit of exercise, a few punches and kicks, they don’t realise the mental benefits of karate, it can boost your spirits, increase your confidence, and calm your mind.

It also teaches you discipline and respect, the stuff you will learn can potentially make you a living weapon, but with that you need to be more responsible, and not miss-use your skill.

Karate has made me who I am today, I’m confident with myself, I am a calm and patient, and I respect others, I feel that is down to my karate and I want to pass on my experiences, what I have learnt and help others onto their path of both the physical and mental side of karate.

Karate gives chance to set goals and makes you want something in life to give you a sense of achievement. It can be performing well at a tournament, working towards your next grade, of even just improving a certain aspect of your training in the dojo.

Karate also gives us inspiration and determination to be successful, not just in the dojo but in everyday life. Imagine all the focus and determination you have when you truly put 100% into your karate, now imagine all that determination and focus being used in everyday life.

So with this club I am hoping to be the provider of a friendly, yet hard training positive atmosphere, where people train together and grow together, almost becoming like a second family. We help each other work towards our individual goals whether it be for the exercise aspect, self defence, personal development, a hobby, a strong passion for the art of karate, or all of these reasons, together we can help each other achieve all of these goals, and so one karate-ka’s accomplishments becomes an accomplishment to the club.

You will train in the art of karate the way I see it from what I have experienced. We will train at high standards, we are the next generation in the karate world, it is up to us to keep it going strong and being the ones that pass it on. We have the chance to create a club that can offer the best to everyone, it’s ok having a good instructor but the students are more important, they make the club be a club!

We train together, learn together, and succeed together! Osu!