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Train Together, Learn Together, Succeed Together.

Welcome to IJR Karate!

       This is the official website of Imi Jishin Ryou Karate-do! And has been made to share news about our club, provide information to anyone interested in Karate, and to help our current students.

       We are always looking for more students, so no matter who you are, you will have a place at IJR karate, the youngest we take on is 11 at the moment, and there is no age were you are too old, I have known people in their fifties, even sixties take up karate, and have seen examples of people training past their eighties! So you are never too old, If you are interested why not at least give it a try, whether you have no experience at all in the martial arts, or even if you have been doing it your whole life, we look to the future and hope to grow and expand our club throughout, who knows, one day you could end up being an instructor with IJR karate and help us achieve our goals as well as your own.

      We are a relatively new karate club based in Essex, while being a small club, we work hard to maintain a high standard of training, showing promise of growing and being able to offer our students more and more. So have a look around the site, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. 

Recent Gradings

19th March 2020 - Group Grading!

Michael - 8th kyu Yellow belt

Georgia H - 6th kyu Green belt

Matt P - 5th kyu Blue belt

Georgia P - 4th kyu Purple belt

James - 4th kyu Purple belt

Matt G - 3rd kyu Brown belt

1st August 2019 - Georgia H grading to her 7th kyu Orange belt!

25th July 2019 - Group grading! 

Matt P - 6th kyu Green belt

Georgia P - 5th kyu Blue belt

James W - 5th kyu blue belt.

21st Feb - Georgia H Grading to her 8th Kyu Yellow Belt!!

29th Jan - James Williams grading to his 6th Kyu Green Belt!